Vekkel Benzen


Vekkel is a retired hunter. He regrets that he was never able to bring down the fierce boar Tuskgutter. He hates Tuskgutter because he lost his younger brother, Toven to the vicious goring tusks of Tuskgutter.

When Vekkel and Toven first journeyed deep into the forest they were full of wonder and excitement for the possibilities of a bright future of hunting and trapping in this ancient Elven forest. It was late in the day after a successful day of hunting when Tuskgutter attacked them.

They both heard a sudden movement of something huge and heavy splintering trees and branches as it charged towards them. The boar’s tusk drove into Toven’s belly and through him, exiting out his back through his spin. Vekkel can still vividly recall after all these years the sound of his brother screaming in pain and fear just before the boar shook him and ground him against a tree. Toven’s screams turned to gurgled grunts then all that was heard was the trashing of the board and the cracking of Toven’s bones.

Vekkel charged at the boar but it acted to quickly, charging past him and crushing his leg against a rock, carrying Toven’s body to its lair somewhere deeper in the forest. Vekkel spent an agonizing 14 days dragging himself back to civilization. He was half crazed when he arrived at Fort Serenko.


Vekkel Benzen

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